Turning Your Past Into Gold and Cash, Get Rich or Die Trying

No, I am not a professional writer. I just write about what I know and whatever pops into to my head. I read all the advice here on Medium on how to gain followers, how to keep your stories short, how to get your readers attention. I also respond or write about current events from my perspective.

I’m not new to writing. I’ve been writing a journal for years on and off. It dawned on me one day that I should put it in a book because like many I’ve had a crazy life. Writing is better than therapy for me, it so cathartic.

Many of you know I’m working on a book and I’ve posted some chapters here on Medium. I had this book in me for years and one day I just decided I’m going to write all this crazy shit down. It’s not for revenge as some people think who I’ve described in the book. It is simply my story.

I just decided one day that all the crazy shit that happened in my life I’m going to turn into gold. I’m going to finish this book one day and I will not stop until it gets published. I will do whatever it takes because I know it is good. I will not listen to the naysayers and I will not take no for an answer.

I know my book will sell because it is raw and emotional and has the things people love to read about, love, sex, relationships, survival. This book is my baby and so I treat it as a child that I parent and watch it grow.

To those who want to write and you are just starting, I say do it and go for it. Spread your wings and fly, rise like a phoenix out of the ashes and turn your all the crap in your head into gold.



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