The Biggest Crooks I Ever Met Were “People of God”

Chances are you have met people who talk about God all the time. They always say things like “Bless you” and “I’m blessed” or “I’m saved”. These folks comes from all walks of life and religious backgrounds.

They seem to ALWAYS be talking about God and saying things like “God don’t like ugly” and “Devil get behind me”. Or you may have been told by someone that “What you need is Jesus in your life” or “You need God”. Some may be Christian, others may be Jewish, going around constantly saying “Baruch Hashem” (Hebrew for Praise God). It really doesn’t matter the background. After all, terrorists scream God’s name before they bomb or shoot people.

You know who I’m talking about here. Preachers, deacons, rabbis, and just regular folks in general. What I learned fairly early in life is the people talking the most about God are the least “Godly” people I have ever met.They read the bible, the Torah, the Koran, whatever and yet if you look at their lives and they way they really treat people, “Godly” is the last thing I would call them.

This is just an opinion piece, so here goes my opinion. Wearing a cross around your neck or praising God all day long won’t wipe away your dirty deeds. Karma doesn’t work that way. Most people like this are the toxic ones trying to wash themselves in God. I won’t give you specific examples, I will just say that the biggest crooks I’ve ever met all talk about God.

The minute you turn your back they’re gossiping about you. Hmm, what does it say in the bible or the Torah about gossip? They are scheming, conniving, underhanded and dirty people. I was going to use the word dogs, but that would be offensive to all the wonderful, loving and affectionate animals who are man’s best friends as opposed to these TOXIC “Godly” people.

My advice for these people is take a long, hard look in the mirror before telling me that I’m evil. Look within not at others. Look at yourself and how you treat people before you go telling someone they need God. God has nothing to do with your own ugliness.



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Alla K/writer

Alla K/writer

I am an a writer currently working on my memoir. I am also a Jewish woman who survived an abusive marriage and happen to be former stripper.