Israeli “war crimes” We Are Not The Criminals

I read an article recently here on Medium that talks about how progressives get very quiet when Jews are victims of hate crimes here in America. How the progressives jump to defend other minority groups, for example, Asian Americans. But when it is time to defend the Jews progressives are no where to be found.

This is because the Jews are being associated with Israel and their supposed “war crimes”.

What prompted me to write this was when I read one response to the article where a progressive stated that “though they defend the Jews, they don’t hold them responsible for Israel’s “war crimes”.

That response was pure ignorance. I am a Jew and consider myself a Zionist. I replied to that response on “war crimes”. My response is Israel wants peace, they have always wanted peace. Israel defends itself against Palestinian war crimes. Israel and the Jewish people will always want peace. The Palestinians don’t want peace. They would rather kill all the Jews and wipe them from the face of the earth. If they made peace that would mean they would stop receiving funding from their supporters.

My response is crack a history book and stop your ignorance. The Jewish people were expelled from their own land and they are the indigenous people of that land. When they started to come back to Israel in large numbers, the Mufti of Jerusalem conspired with Hitler to annihilate all the Jews. Hitler was a mouthpiece that did the dirty work of the Mufti.

All throughout history the Jews have been blamed for starting wars and everything else that went wrong in the world. I say to that you are ignorant and racist. All the Jewish people wanted was to be back in THEIR land where they could be Jews without prejudice and hate. When the numbers of Jews were growing in Palestine before World War II, the Palestinians didn’t want to have them as neighbors, this was even before the Balfour declaration.

And now you have the nerve as a progressive to accuse Israel of “war crimes’?

This is the country that wants peace with their neighbors but the neighbors celebrate in the streets with candy and cookies when they have killed some Jews.

Israel is accused of being the new Nazis. You have no idea what the Nazis really were, they set out to annihilate the Jewish race, the Israelis refuse to annihilate the Palestinians. The Palestinian population grows every year, Israel provides them with electricity which they don’t pay for, they provide them free medical services which the Palestinian leaders don’t pay for when they go to Israeli hospitals, Israel provides the Palestinians with water, food, jobs. And yet you accuse them of being Nazis and war criminals.

Wake up! And read a book before you shoot your mouth off talking out of your neck and accuse a humane, peaceful nation of war crimes. They don’t dig terror tunnels or hide behind children, schools and hospitals. And they are not the antagonists here.

To this progressive, ignorant woman, I say read a damn history book. If you say Israel are criminals, guess what, you are an antisemite because the nation of Israel is the collective of the Jewish people.



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